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Leabhraichean Obrach - Textbooks

Leughadh agus Sgrìobhadh 2
A-Muigh agus Mun Cuairt

[Leughadh agus Sgrìobhadh 2]

This is a second Gaelic workbook by Laurinda Matheson to assist learners with reading and writing as well as pronouncing words as native speakers do. It is also compares a few of the dialects found here in Nova Scotia. There are 12 lessons with readings, a variety of exercises and puzzles which should appeal to all ages. Young local artist Kali Harris again provided the illustrations. 86 pages in 8.5" X 11" sure-lock bound softcover. CD included.

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Leughadh agus Sgrìobhadh

[Leughadh agus Sgrìobhadh]

A children's Gaelic spelling workbook, 74 pages in 8.5" X 11" spiral bound softcover. This series of 12 lessons was originally developed by my wife Laurinda to help teach our two older children to read and write Gaelic. It contains simple sentences, cross-word puzzles and lexicon word searches, as well as a number of other exercises. It is aimed at a Grade 2 level.

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Còco is Crùbagan

[Còco is Crùbagan]

Cocoa and Crabs - A Hebridean Childhood. An English and Gaelic account of Flora MacDonald's childhood memories of growing up in a now deserted area of Benbecula. Includes 2 CDs. Softcover. 112 pp.

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Rìoghachd nan Eilean

[Rìoghachd nan Eilean]

Totally Gaelic history of the Lordship of the Isles wonderfully illustrated throughout. Softcover. 144pp.

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