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Products from Nova Scotian (excluding Sol)

The Fiddlers Reel - Ruidhle an Fhidhleir DVD

[Ruidhle an Fhidhleir DVD]

Due May 1, this is an all-Gaelic short film (17 minutes), written, produced and directed by Marc Almon, who directed Faire Chaluim Mhic Leid, and stars Angus MacLeod (Faire Chaluim Mhic Leid, An Cridhe Cabaireach), AGA educator and artist. Highly recommended.

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Fis an Eilein - Fichead Bliadhna DVD

[Fis an Eilein - Fichead Bliadhna DVD]

Comunn Fis an Eilein, who put on the popular fis in Christmas Island, Cape Breton, have released a 45 minute all-Gaelic DVD to celebrate they 20th anniversary of the fis. It included interviews, songs and stories from over the years. There are English and Gaelic subtitles. Running time is about 45 minutes.

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Nollaig Chrdheil CD

[Nollaig Chrdheil CD]

"A Holiday Section of Gaelic Songs, Music and Stories." The first, and still the best, Gaelic Christmas CD is now available again. We only have limited stocks so order soon to avoid disappointment. This CD features the best of Nova Scotian Gaelic talent with Catriona Parsons, Jeff MacDonald, Winnie Chafe (fiddle), Buddy MacMaster (fiddle), Barry Shears (pipes), and many others. 14 tracks. Highly recommended.

Price: $15.00C-$12.00US
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Famhair - Giant and other Gaelic Poems

[Famhair - Giant and other Gaelic Poems]

This book of 89 poems by Lewis MacKinnon is the first complete volume of contemporary Gaelic poetry published in Nova Scotia. The book is completely bilingual. In particular, the English translation, which accompanies each poem on the opposite page, will be of great interest to Gaelic learners and allow non-Gaelic readers to also enjoy MacKinnons poetic insights. 216pp.

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The Blue Mountains...
Na Beanntaichean Gorma...

[Na Beanntaichean Gorma...]

A new collection of Gaelic short stories from Cape Breton with translations from Gaelic folklorist and scholar Dr. John Shaw. there are 30 stories in all from numerous informats divided into five categories: International Tales, Stories about Robbers and Thieves, Tall Tales, Tales of the Fiann and Historical Legends and Clan Traditions.

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As a' Bhrighe

[As a' Bhrighe]

The poetry of Nova Scotian Gaelic bard Allan 'the Ridge' MacDonald edited by local Gaelic scholar and educator Effie Rankin. 23 songs, half with musical notation, as well as notes and photos. Softcover. 212pp.

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Brgh an rain

[Brgh an rain]

Beautiful collection of 48 songs and 9 tales from Cape Breton Gaelic tradition bearer, Lauchie Dan N. MacLellan. Editing and translations by Dr. John Shaw, who edited and translated Sgeul gu Latha - Tales til Dawn. Includes musical notication. Hardcover. 432pp.

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Gidhlig Troimh Chmhradh 1

[Gidhlig Troimh Chmhradh 1]

Course by Catriona Parsons of the St. F.X. Celtic Department in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Emphasis on the spoken Gaelic of Nova Scotia. Plenty of vocabulary, examples of usage, dialogues and drills. Books 2 and 3 also have a Gaelic-English vocabulary. CDs are included with each book (MP3 format). Tapes sets are also available by request. Intended for a class setting with instructor but useful for individual study as well. Softcover. 94pp.

$59.95C-$46.95US [CD Set]
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Gidhlig Troimh Chmhradh 2

[Gidhlig Troimh Chmhradh 2]

The second part of the local Gaelic course from Catriona Parsons. A complete vocabulary is included at the back. Includes a CD (MP3 format). Tapes sets are also available by request. Softcover. 108pp.

$59.95C-$46.95US [CD Set]
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Gidhlig Troimh Chmhradh 3

[Gidhlig Troimh Chmhradh 3]

The third and final part of the local Gaelic course from Catriona Parsons. Includes a complete course vocabulary and an explanation of some grammar rules. Includes a CD (MP3 format). Tapes sets are also available by request. Softcover. 116pp.

$59.95C-$46.95US [CD Set]
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Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia

[Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia]

Over 90 Gaelic songs collected by folklorist Helen Creighton from Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia from the late 1930's until the mid 1950's (rough music notation included). Softcover. 302pp.

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Rudan M-bheanailteach... - Intangible Possibilities

[Intangible Possibilities]

The latest book of Gaelic poetry from Lewis MacKinnon, CEO of Oifis Iomairtean na Gidhlig and current Brd of The Scottish National Mod. Softcover, 126 pp.

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The Naughty Little Book of Gaelic

[The Naughty Little Book of Gaelic]

"All the Scottish Gaelic You Need to Curse, Swear, Drink, Smoke and Fool Around." Illustrated. Softcover. 96pp.

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s an Abhainn Mhir

[s an Abhainn Mhir]

The first ever Gaelic/English cookbook. Featuring 58 recipes from Pictou County, Nova Scotia, with colour photos, proverbs, songs and stories. Softcover. 120 pp.

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Faire Chaluim Mhic Leid DVD
The Wake Calum MacLeod DVD

[Faire Chaluim Mhic Leid]

North America's first Gaelic-language short film is a whirlwind of a tale!

Calum MacLeod is a storyteller without an audience, for his children moved from Cape Breton long ago. One lonely night Calum confronts the Baron of the Wind in a storm and demands his children be returned. The old man promptly falls dead. From distant points the MacLeods assemble to attend Calums wake. But the deceased Calum has a surprise ending in store for them yet.

Shot in the highlands of Cape Breton and featuring Gaelic storyteller Angus MacLeod and music by internationally renowned signer Mary Jane Lamond, Faire Chaluim Mhic Leid is not only "a beautifully crafted film" (Inverness Oran), "a heart-tugger" (Halifax Daily News) and "a gem" (Winnipeg Uptown Magazine), it is a historic venture into one of the world's most renowned oral storytelling cultures.

Loaded with special features, including photos, storyboards, production notes, music, biographies, trailers and learn Gaelic resources, Faire Chaluim Mhic Leid can be viewed with English, Gaelic and no subtitles, making the film an excellent Gaelic language tool.

The film recently won several awards in the Halifax Independent Film Festival including:

Best Original Screenplay
Achievement in Direction - Narrative
Best Original Music
Achievement in Cinematography

It was nominated for two other awards. It has also been nominated for an award at the prestigious Yorkton Film Festival and will appear at the Worldwide Short Film Festival. Highly recommended!

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A Tribute to the North Shore Gaelic Singers CD

[A Tribute to the North Shore Gaelic Singers]

A collection of mostly milling songs from the popular traditional singers from the North Shore. Lyrics included. Highly recommended.

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Cmhla Cruinn/Gathered Together CD

[Cmhla Cruinn]

Traditional milling songs sung by learners and native speakers alike from across Nova Scotia. Booklet of the lyrics and profiles of the singers included. Highly recommended.

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A' Seo CD

[A' Seo]

Local Nova Scotian Gaelic activist and singer Lewis (Lodaidh) MacKinnon has released his first all-Gaelic CD called simply A' Seo. There is a good mix of the contemporary and traditional song on the CD, including a couple of original compositions from Lewis himself, and an very pleasant song he translated from the Irish ("Dmhnall Og 'us Mrag"). The sound is wonderfully mixed with backup vocals provided by another local Gaelic Singer, Patricia Murray, which contracts nicely with Lewis' own strong voice; Lewis is also assisted by well-known musicans Brian England, Troy MacGillivray and others. My favourite is the first track, Ailein Duinn. Lewis takes some artistic license with a couple traditional pieces which some traditionalists may object too, but fit well with the over-all pseudo-contemporary feel of the album. Lyrics to the 11 tracks and background notes are provided. Highly recommended.

$20.00C-$16.00US [Out of Stock]

r Cheap Breatuinn/Cape Breton Gold CD

[r Cheap Breatuinn]

A collection of 15 traditional songs from well-known singers from Cape Breton including Margaret MacLean, Malcolm Angus MacLeod, Peter MacLean, Angus MacLellan and others. Lyrics included.

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Tlant nam Brd/Talent of the Bards CD

[Tlant nam Brd]

Collection of Gaelic songs from Nova Scotia by Margo Carruthers, a Gaelic singer based in Halifax.

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