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Bho Albainn Nuaidh - Nova Scotian

The Fiddler’s Reel - Ruidhle an Fhidhleir DVD

[Ruidhle an Fhidhleir DVD]

Due May 1, this is an all-Gaelic short film (17 minutes), written, produced and directed by Marc Almon, who directed Faire Chaluim Mhic Leòid, and stars Angus MacLeod (Faire Chaluim Mhic Leòid, An Cridhe Cabaireach), AGA educator and artist. Highly recommended.

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Nollaig Chrìdheil CD

[Nollaig Chrìdheil CD]

"A Holiday Section of Gaelic Songs, Music and Stories." The first, and still the best, Gaelic Christmas CD is now available again. We only have limited stocks so order soon to avoid disappointment. This CD features the best of Nova Scotian Gaelic talent with Catriona Parsons, Jeff MacDonald, Winnie Chafe (fiddle), Buddy MacMaster (fiddle), Barry Shears (pipes), and many others. 14 tracks. Highly recommended.

Price: $15.00C-$15.00US
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Gaelic Proverbs and Proverbial Sayings

[Gaelic Proverbs and Proverbial Sayings]

This is an updated collection first published by T.D. MacDonald in 1926. In addition a collection of Gaelic Proverbs from Nova Scotia by Charles Dunn has been added. Softcover (9” X 6”). 136 pp.

Price: $22.95C-$22.95US
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The Celtic Lyre

[The Celtic Lyre]

The Celtic Lyre is a collection of 68 popular Gaelic songs compiled by Henry Whyte (aka Fionn) a noted Gaelic writer of the late 1800’s. It includes the very popular Fuadach nan Gàidheal (Exile of the Gael) which Fionn himself penned. The four parts of this great work has been combined into a single (all-Gaelic) volume with new staff notation (and sol-fa) by Andy Hirt and updated spellings. 8.5” X 11” softcover in coil binding. 118 pp.

Price: $17.95
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Eilean an Ionmhais

[Eilean an Ionmhais]

Renowned Gaelic publisher Jonathon MacKinnon’s translation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic "Treasure Island." Never before in print. Softcover. 276 pp.

See review by Ronald Black.

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Gaelic Folk and Hero Tales from Argyllshire

[Gaelic Folk and Hero Tales from Argyllshire]

A newly typed reprint of a excellent collection of Gaelic hero tales from Argyllshire. English translation and notes included. Softcover. 316 pp.

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O Cheapaich nan Craobh

[O Cheapaich nan Craobh]

This is our most ambitious project to date. Alasdair Ailein Mhór (Alexander MacDonald), known locally as Bàrd na Ceapaich (The Keppoch Bard), was born in Glenuig, Moidart, Scotland in 1820. He moved with his family in 1830 to the Keppoch area of Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. There he produced poetry in quality second only to his neighbour the celebrated Bard MacLean. Twenty-five of the bard's songs have been collected through painstaking research and are now in print together for the first time along with translations, geneological information, corrospondence and photos of the bard and the people he sang about. 230pp.

“This excellent collection of the poetry of Alexander MacDonald, the Keppoch Bard, one of the greatest Gaelic poets of the New World, will be welcomed by anyone interested in the Gaelic heritage of Nova Scotia, and in particular, the rich legacy of Gaelic song and poetry from Antigonish County.”
Dr. Robert Dunbar, Reader in Celtic, University of Aberdeen

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Famhair - Giant and other Gaelic Poems

[Famhair - Giant and other Gaelic Poems]

This book of 89 poems by Lewis MacKinnon is the first complete volume of contemporary Gaelic poetry published in Nova Scotia. The book is completely bilingual. In particular, the English translation, which accompanies each poem on the opposite page, will be of great interest to Gaelic learners and allow non-Gaelic readers to also enjoy MacKinnon’s poetic insights. 216pp.

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The Blue Mountains...
Na Beanntaichean Gorma...

[Na Beanntaichean Gorma...]

A new collection of Gaelic short stories from Cape Breton with translations from Gaelic folklorist and scholar Dr. John Shaw. there are 30 stories in all from numerous informats divided into five categories: International Tales, Stories about Robbers and Thieves, Tall Tales, Tales of the Fiann and Historical Legends and Clan Traditions.

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Leughadh agus Sgrìobhadh 2
A-Muigh agus Mun Cuairt

[Leughadh agus Sgrìobhadh 2]

This is a second Gaelic workbook by Laurinda Matheson to assist learners with reading and writing as well as pronouncing words as native speakers do. It is also compares a few of the dialects found here in Nova Scotia. There are 12 lessons with readings, a variety of exercises and puzzles which should appeal to all ages. Young local artist Kali Harris again provided the illustrations. 86 pages in 8.5" X 11" sure-lock bound softcover. CD included.

$19.95Can/$19.95US [Out of Print]

Leughadh agus Sgrìobhadh

[Leughadh agus Sgrìobhadh]

A children's Gaelic spelling workbook, 74 pages in 8.5" X 11" spiral bound softcover. This series of 12 lessons was originally developed by my wife Laurinda to help teach our two older children to read and write Gaelic. It contains simple sentences, cross-word puzzles and lexicon word searches, as well as a number of other exercises. It is aimed at a Grade 2 level.

$14.95C-$14.95US [Out of Print]

An t-Òranaiche - The Gaelic Songster (Compiled by Archibald Sinclair)

[An t-Òranaiche]

First published in 1879, this classic collection of nearly 300 of the most popular songs from the 19th century is one of the most sought after Gaelic books ever published. This second edition is a result of community effort by a dedicated group of volunteers who gave freely of their time and talent to see this project completed. Chief among these is North Uist native Effie Rankin, a well-known Gaelic instructor and historian, Dr. Kenneth Nilsen, head of the St. Francis Xavier University Celtic Studies Department and Professor Catriona Parsons, also of the Celtic Studies Department and a native of the Isle of Lewis.

This edition has been totally retyped in larger print and the lay out is much less cluttered than in the original. It is over 600 pages in a sharp 9" X 6" blue hardcover with gold trim and lettering. A CD is included with a selection of the songs sung by traditional Gaelic singers from Cape Breton.

Gaels in the UK can now get An t-Òranaiche through the Gaelic Books Council in Glasgow.

See review by Ronald Black.

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Bàrdachd na Féinne

[Bàrdachd na Féinne]

The Fenians were once the defenders, the warrior class, of the Gaels of ancient Ireland and Scotland. Their exploits under their leader Fionn MacCumhail have been recounted for over 1500 years.

This collection of the ancient Gaelic Fenian lays was originally collected and published in two volumes by Hugh and John M'Callum in 1816. The two volumes, a Gaelic verse and English prose edition were wildly popular with a subscriber list of over 6000 individuals. The Gaelic edition was distributed free of charge, though the run was much smaller.

Originally entitled "Comh-Chruinneachadh taghta de Shaothair Oisian, Orrann, Ulluin, agus Bàird eile bha ann ri aon linn" or "An Original Collection of the Poems of Ossian, Orrann, Ulin, and other Bards who flourished in the same age" much of its contents were not published in J.F. Campbell's Leabhar na Féinne, published in 1878, since the books were still readily available at that time. There was a volume called Bàrdachd na Féinne published early in the 20th century by Mac-Talla Publishing which contained roughly the first half of the Gaelic poems.

This new edition combines the two original editions into a single volume. The exploits of Oscar, Gaul and the mighty Cuchullin are again available to a new generation of Gael. Softcover. 216pp.

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The story of Deirdire and the sons of Uisne is one of the three great sorrows of ancient Ireland. This version was collected by Alexander Carmichael, who also collected and published Carmina Gadelica, hymns and other lore from the highlands of Scotland. It was collected, along with the Lay of Deirdire, on the Isle of Barra, and is significant in being the only orally collected version of the story in the Scottish Highlands. This edition of Carmichael's classic remains true to his original published edition for the enjoyment of a new generation. Softcover. 120pp.

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As a' Bhràighe

[As a' Bhràighe]

The poetry of Nova Scotian Gaelic bard Allan 'the Ridge' MacDonald edited by local Gaelic scholar and educator Effie Rankin. 23 songs, half with musical notation, as well as notes and photos. Softcover. 212pp.

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Brìgh an Òrain

[Brìgh an Òrain]

Beautiful collection of 48 songs and 9 tales from Cape Breton Gaelic tradition bearer, Lauchie Dan N. MacLellan. Editing and translations by Dr. John Shaw, who edited and translated Sgeul gu Latha - Tales til Dawn. Includes musical notication. Hardcover. 432pp.

$65.00C-$65.00US [Out of Stock]

Gàidhlig Troimh Chòmhradh 1

[Gàidhlig Troimh Chòmhradh 1]

Course by Catriona Parsons of the St. F.X. Celtic Department in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Emphasis on the spoken Gaelic of Nova Scotia. Plenty of vocabulary, examples of usage, dialogues and drills. Books 2 and 3 also have a Gaelic-English vocabulary. CDs are included with each book (MP3 format). Tapes sets are also available by request. Intended for a class setting with instructor but useful for individual study as well. Softcover. 94pp.

$59.95C-$59.95US [CD Set]
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Gàidhlig Troimh Chòmhradh 2

[Gàidhlig Troimh Chòmhradh 2]

The second part of the local Gaelic course from Catriona Parsons. A complete vocabulary is included at the back. Includes a CD (MP3 format). Tapes sets are also available by request. Softcover. 108pp.

$59.95C-$59.95US [CD Set]
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Gàidhlig Troimh Chòmhradh 3

[Gàidhlig Troimh Chòmhradh 3]

The third and final part of the local Gaelic course from Catriona Parsons. Includes a complete course vocabulary and an explanation of some grammar rules. Includes a CD (MP3 format). Tapes sets are also available by request. Softcover. 116pp.

$59.95C-$59.95US [CD Set]
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Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia

[Gaelic Songs in Nova Scotia]

Over 90 Gaelic songs collected by folklorist Helen Creighton from Cape Breton and mainland Nova Scotia from the late 1930's until the mid 1950's (rough music notation included). Softcover. 302pp.

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Eileanan Mo Ghaoil/Isles of My Love CD

[Eileanan Mo Ghaoil]

Catriona Parsons, educator, singer and author of the Gàidhlig Troimh Chòmhradh course has released her first all-music CD. It contains 20 songs, a mix of old and new world airs, plus a few originals. A booklet with the lyrics, translations and notes is included. A portion of all sales goes towards Gaelic scholarships.

1. Nan ceadaicheadh an tìde dhomh
2. Ho ro ’s toigh leam fhìn thu
3. Dèanaibh Aoibhneas!
4. Chan eil mo leannan ann a’ seo
5. Cha bhi mi buan ’s tu bhith bhuam
6. Òran do Cheap Breatuinn
7. Tighinn air a’ mhuir
8. An Ataireachd Àrd
9. O có thogas dhìom an fhadachd?
10. O gur toigh leam, é gur toigh leam
11. Chuirinn suas ri do chluais
12. Ràithean Cheap Breatuinn
13. Laoidh na Càisge
14. An Innis Àigh
15. Riobainean Rìomhach
16. Tàladh Cheap Breatuinn
17. Eilean mo Ghaoil
18. Psalm 72: 17-19
19. An t-Eilean mu Thuath
20. Laoidh Sliochd nan Gàidheal

Listen to the third track Dèanaibh Aoibhneas!
FREE SHIPPING IN NORTH AMERICA - ignore totals in shopping cart.

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An Suiridhe Sìth

[An Suiridhe Sìth]

A graphic novel of two short traditional tales illustrated by Gaelic educator Angus MacLeod. Softcover. 24 pp.

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Ás an Abhainn Mhóir

[Ás an Abhainn Mhóir]

The first ever Gaelic/English cookbook. Featuring 58 recipes from Pictou County, Nova Scotia, with colour photos, proverbs, songs and stories. Softcover. 120 pp.

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An t-Ogha Mór

[An t-Ogha Mór]

This is a third edition of the second novel ever published in Gaelic (1913), totally retyped. A historical novel set in the time of the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. Filled with finely drawn characters, both good and evil – a seamless blending of older traditional Gaelic story-telling techniques and a more modern style. Deep and expressive Gaelic by a master storyteller. Softcover. 188 pp.

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Faire Chaluim Mhic Leòid DVD
The Wake Calum MacLeod DVD

[Faire Chaluim Mhic Leòid]

North America's first Gaelic-language short film is a whirlwind of a tale!

Calum MacLeod is a storyteller without an audience, for his children moved from Cape Breton long ago. One lonely night Calum confronts the Baron of the Wind in a storm and demands his children be returned. The old man promptly falls dead. From distant points the MacLeods assemble to attend Calum’s wake. But the deceased Calum has a surprise ending in store for them yet.

Shot in the highlands of Cape Breton and featuring Gaelic storyteller Angus MacLeod and music by internationally renowned signer Mary Jane Lamond, Faire Chaluim Mhic Leòid is not only "a beautifully crafted film" (Inverness Oran), "a heart-tugger" (Halifax Daily News) and "a gem" (Winnipeg Uptown Magazine), it is a historic venture into one of the world's most renowned oral storytelling cultures.

Loaded with special features, including photos, storyboards, production notes, music, biographies, trailers and learn Gaelic resources, Faire Chaluim Mhic Leòid can be viewed with English, Gaelic and no subtitles, making the film an excellent Gaelic language tool.

The film recently won several awards in the Halifax Independent Film Festival including:

Best Original Screenplay
Achievement in Direction - Narrative
Best Original Music
Achievement in Cinematography

It was nominated for two other awards. It has also been nominated for an award at the prestigious Yorkton Film Festival and will appear at the Worldwide Short Film Festival. Highly recommended!

$19.95Can/$19.95US [Currently Unavailable]